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Obi at Grammar School

Wed 15 May 2019

By: Comrade Onyeazor Sylvester N.

"Obi in a mess in class"

Teacher Joe: Students, what are your plans after your school here next year?

Chuks: By next year, after my school I will enrol on JAMB thereafter, I will enter university to study engineering.

Teacher: Very good plan
Teacher: Yes! Another person, everybody must talk, so do not think you are exempted.

Annabel: I will also write JAMB to gain admission to study medicine.

Teacher: I know you must go for the health sector, base on your knowledge of biology, well, it is a brilliant plan.

Ima-obong: I will write JAMB to study law.

Teacher: Talkertive, so, you want to be a lawyer, so that you can be talking more, hahaha, jokes apart, you will be a good lawyer. Because talking is in you.

Teacher: Where is that my friend?

Chuks: which of your friend?

Teacher: Obi

Chuks: He is at the back.

Teacher: Obi stand up and tell me your plans

Obi: After my school here, I will get married

Class and teacher: why?

Obi: Because am tired of insults I am receiving in school

...to be continue soon

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Comments: 203


Wed 15 May 2019
This obi self


Wed 15 May 2019
He always have something to say


Wed 15 May 2019
This obi you, you self


Wed 15 May 2019
Nice one from obi


Wed 15 May 2019
nice update


Wed 15 May 2019
Obi na crue...lol


Wed 15 May 2019
Lolz. Obi, he always have something to say


Wed 15 May 2019
Obi is here


Wed 15 May 2019
Obi the master piece...


Wed 15 May 2019
good obi