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JUST IN: Man die in accident along Owerri- Aba road

Wed 15 May 2019

A man whose name is yet to be identified as at the time of this report died in an accident that happened now along Owerri - Aba road, a source shared.

According to a Facebook user who shared the report, victim is lying dead at human race hospital while they awaits for his relations to locate him as the victim was not with any phone or identity card.

Please copy and share till it gets to his relations

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Comments: 205


Wed 15 May 2019
OMG.. this is so sad. may Hus should rest in peace


Wed 15 May 2019
So sad, may his soul rest in peace...


Wed 15 May 2019
My his soul rest in peace


Wed 15 May 2019
This life


Wed 15 May 2019
Is a pity


Wed 15 May 2019
Oh my God


Wed 15 May 2019
Bad news


Wed 15 May 2019
It is very very sad


Wed 15 May 2019
May his soul rest in peace


Wed 15 May 2019
Nigerian road users should be safety concious always to avoid these kind of avoidable pains and loses.