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Different Types of Christians

Sun 12 May 2019

By: Comrade Onyeazor Sylvester N.

"For Christian faithful"

There are different types of Christians in the world today. Which is against the will of God.

Some types of Christians includes

1. Party Christians: These are those that goes to church only on eventful days. When there is no occasion in the church, they cease to be members. They go to church on Thanksgiving day, Child dedication, church carol etc.

2. Part time Christians: These set of people goes to church today and they will not go tomorrow, I.e "one day on, one day off". They are not frequent in church services. They only go to church when they feel like.

3. Fulltime Christians: These set of people are those who are always in church. They do not have their personal time, but church activities rules in their lives. They always abandon their works at their various homes because of the work of God.
These are the kind of people God loves so much because they are doing what God says.

What Type of Christian ate you?

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Sun 12 May 2019
Nice update


Sun 12 May 2019
true talk


Sun 12 May 2019
Nice one


Sun 12 May 2019
Hmmm, Christianity...


Sun 12 May 2019
Good update


Sun 12 May 2019
Real one


Sun 12 May 2019
Nice update


Sun 12 May 2019
Nice update..


Sun 12 May 2019
that is the truth


Sun 12 May 2019
good word