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16-years-old girl die after getting a "DIE" result from instagram respondents

Wed 15 May 2019

16-years-old teenager in Malaysia killed herself after getting a "Yes" from a pool she asked people to suggest.

The Malaysian teen took to her Instagram page on Monday to ask users with a poll method if she should LIVE or DIE and majority of respondents said YES which made her to kill herself.

This is the poll that resulted to her decision

"Help Me Choose D/L"

With the letters D means DIE while L means LIVE and majority suggest she dies without knowing her main purpose or the conditions that prompted her to ask.

The unidentified 16-year-old from Kuching in Sarawak died after posting the poll on Monday on the Facebook-owned picture sharing platform.

Police have classified the case as "sudden death".

"Really Important, ," she wrote, according to a report on the news portal Astro Awani, with the letters "D" and "L" apparently referring to "die" or "live" respectively.

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Comments: 233

master chuks

Wed 15 May 2019
so bad


Wed 15 May 2019
Hmmm that was very bad of her


Wed 15 May 2019
This life is full of evil people


Wed 15 May 2019
That very bad


Wed 15 May 2019
This is weird. I hope she finds peace


Wed 15 May 2019
Now that she has killed herself waiting she gain??


Wed 15 May 2019
Strainge things are happening these days


Wed 15 May 2019
very very bad


Wed 15 May 2019
terible Message


Wed 15 May 2019
So bad